Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Description from MobyGames

In Pandora Tomorrow, you reprise your role as Sam Fisher, along with old friends Irving Lambert and Anna Grimsdottir.

A terrorist has a disease which he plans to spread through the United States. He makes daily phone calls to an undisclosed location every day, delaying the release of the disease by one more day. As Fisher, you must find out who the terrorist is, where he is, who he is working for, and above all, stop him.

In order to do this, you are taken all around the world, from Paris to Indonesia to the holy land Jerusalem. Sam comes equipped with his standard pistol and SC-20K. The SC has been improved, with an added scope with two levels of zoom. You have access to all the equipment from the first game, including Sticky Shockers, Diversion Cameras, Frag and Smoke Grenades.

Sam has also learned some new moves. He has the ability to perform a SWAT turn, which allows him to pass from one side of an open door to the other without being spotted. He may perform a half-split jump, enabling him to lean against one side of a wall to give him boost to jump higher. He can also whistle, to attract the attention of any nearby enemies.

Pandora Tomorrow also has a full fledged multiplayer game, playable on Xbox Live. The multiplayer ties in to the single player campaign, and it pits the Shadownet team (spies) against the Argus team (mercs). The game supports four players.

Members of Shadownet must infiltrate various complexes to retrieve canisters of a deadly liquid, but they must watch out for cameras, motion sensors and trip lasers, all of which alert the mercs to their position. The spy cannot kill with weapons, but he can stun the mercs for several seconds in order to sneak up and kill from behind.

On the other side, the mercs must make their way to each canister, guarding it from the Shadownet team. Whenever an alarm is tripped, the merc is instantly alerted to where the spy is. To help fight the Shadownets, the mercs have a built-in motion sensor view, which picks up any moving objects, as well as an electromagnetic view, which picks up on spy gadgets. The mercs come equipped with a rifle, and must defend the viral canisters at all costs.

Multiplayer comes with a good variety of maps, ranging from a warehouse and a factory to a cinema and three towering skyscrapers.


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Rank Name Rating
1 Dorian D 56
2 Joshhhuaaa 35
3 Made in Poland 20
5 KINGof theOZONE 20
6 Mask 10
7 IIxZ3d1NaT0rIIx 10
8 Cyke12 10
9 CXP 10
10 MrSmity 10
11 AintNoGoofyYSL 10
12 retrobear -10
13 Joel1330 -10
14 BigBucks000100 -10
15 Demon27248 -10
16 Sidoku69 -10
17 el fares -10
18 saintd -10
19 randomcat -10
20 Halo -10
21 ja21 -20
22 Kramnad -20
23 ObiwanCanBlowMe -29
24 Extra Spicy -30
25 Hiragamer98 -30
26 DontBeNoobin -40
27 CaptainWarCrime -40
28 ChampionCynthia -40
29 Dan12343 -59
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