Getting Connected

Please read the following instructions carefully before connecting to Insignia, as they will help you get connected as quickly as possible.

Getting your console ready

You will need to have a copy of the "V2" Xbox Live dashboard to sign up successfully; the easiest way to confirm you have a copy of the later dashboard is to select Xbox Live, and see if a "Select Account" screen appears. If it does not, and you are on a stock console, you will need to update to the latest version - most later titles will have this update. Softmodded/hardmodded console users should refer to the setup guide they used on how to update their MS Dash accordingly, if necessary.

You will need to register your console information with Insignia before being able to connect; you are able to do this without a subscription code, so you should perform this step before signing up to avoid setup delays.

To register, you need to run the setup assistant; this is easier if your system is already modded, but not an issue if it's a stock console either.

Hardmodded/Softmodded systems

Luckily, as you have a system that can already run unsigned XBEs, you can simply download the assistant and FTP it over to your Xbox to run. However, there are some known issues you may run into.

  • Some older softmods may block Xbox Live; Rocky5's softmod does not block Xbox Live, and you can easily upgrade by using the Extras Disc.

  • Most BIOSes block Xbox Live in some capacity; in our testing we confirmed EvoX M8+ doesn't block Xbox Live. To fix this permanently you could reflash your BIOS, however the xblunblock tool would work if ran before launching your game of choice (this would need to be ran every time you rebooted the console).

  • Any console using a "NULLed" HDD Key (a key of all zeroes) will not be able to connect without changing the HDD key. Some games are signed using the HDD key, so changing it would break those savegames.

  • Most dashboards do not properly support using a DHCP IP with a Static DNS server, and will overwrite your network settings every time they're launched. If you're experiencing connectivity issues, you will need to use their settings to set a static IP and DNS combo, using as your primary DNS and another DNS provider (such as Cloudflare's, or Google's as secondary. XBMC will work if it's Network Settings are set to "Default (Dashboard)", as would other dashboards such as LithiumX.

  • EvolutionX/Evox dashboard installs a memory-resident stub that interfers with online connectivity; it is highly recommended to switch to another dashboard.


Stock systems

Detailed text and video guides exist for softmodding Xbox consoles already; the only major difference is that you need to use Insignia's exploit savegames instead of the Rocky5 softmod saves mentioned in these guides.

Using the Assistant

Once the assistant has launched (either from your savegame exploit, or by manually launching it yourself on a hacked system), you will see the following screen:

For most people, just pressing Register is all you need - you will be informed once the registration has completed.

If not successful, you will see an error message. Currently, we have a limit on how many consoles can be registered in a time period, so you may occasionally see the ratelimited error. If this happens, wait for some time and try again.

Your console may already be registered for Insignia - if you are certain it shouldn't be, please contact [email protected]

We also recommend backing up your HDD Key, especially if you're on a stock system - Xbox consoles haven't been made in over a decade, and it's likely your hard drive will fail; having the key allows for easily unlocking the existing one, copying information, or even preparing a new drive without further modification of the console.

You should now exit the assistant, and enter Xbox Network Settings to perform a Connection Test.

If you are still unable to connect after registering, it may be that your network environment or console is having issues. The Troubleshoot button should be able to give you some information here. NB: We do not currently support detection of DNS poisoning that some ISPs (notably Sky UK, Comcast in some situations) perform that will hinder your connectivity. We are working on an easy solution for this, please stay tuned.

Registering for your place

Go to and enter your email, and confirm that you agree to us processing your data as set out in our privacy policy. Complete the CAPTCHA, and press Register.

You will receive the following email:

Signing up on console

First, select the country you are in - if your country is not listed, please select the one that is geographically closest to you as this selection may influence the priority of users you see in games. We are unfortunately not able to add any more countries to the dashboard's own list.

Please take the time to read the terms of use, and if you agree to it press accept, and enter your Gamertag you want.

If the Gamertag you wanted is not available, suitable alternatives will be provided.

Enter the subscription code sent in your email - please note we do not use the following characters in our codes: 0, 1, E, I, L, N, O, S, U, Z.

If successful you'll see the subscription information (the service is completely free!), and our refund policy information.

If not you'll see this error, check to make sure you've entered it correctly.

The sign up procedure will then ask you for your card details and information; please do not enter real details (Use the valid card number 4111 1111 1111 1111, as the dashboard validates it), as we do not collect this information.

Enter your email address make sure it's the same email you signed up with or you'll get an invalid code error at the end. The information sharing settings are not in use as our privacy policy describes our information sharing policies, so these can be set however you feel appropriate.

Finally, press Yes to create and activate your account, and then set a PIN code to make it harder for other users locally to login as you.

From here, you can now play online on the supported list of games - we request you give us feedback if you have any issues (bug reports, crashing, etc.) and that you most importantly have fun!


We do not support these consoles or debug applications/games at this time. Please use a retail BIOS.

When is game x being supported?

We do not have a concrete time-frame for any game to be supported; please stay tuned for further updates!

Do you support Xbox 360/One/Series consoles?

No. We are not able to support Xbox One/Series consoles in any capacity; we may look into supporting Xbox 360's backwards compatibility feature in the future, but that is not planned at this time.

When will this be in open beta/more players be able to join?

We would like the service to be in open beta as soon as we feel it's stable enough for a larger number of players to join; to ensure the server is not overloaded, we are currently releasing invites in batches of ~100-200.

I can't see if my friends are online/send a friend request?

We do not currently support the services required for this as of yet; this is one of the core services we require to be fully functional before we exit the beta period, but would like it functional ASAP.

My in-game performance seems slow!

Xbox Live is a peer-to-peer communication setup, and therefore is susceptible to latency issues; if you are able to, ensure you have an Ethernet connection to your router (and not a wireless adapter or similar). If you are playing in a large group of people and the game supports it, such as Unreal Championship, consider getting a player to run a dedicated server on their own console.

I can't connect to other players!

Your console should try and automatically forward port 3074 (UDP) to your console and will also perform NAT punching, but if you're having troubles try manually forwarding this port to your Xbox console; guides on how to do so can be found on search engines for your specific router.

If you need further assistance, please Join our Discord,

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