Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Title Versions

  • Black Label/Platinum Hits copies: 001 / US01901W (TU: 501)
  • Black Label PAL German: 002 / US01902E (TU: 502)
  • Black Label Korean: 003 / US0193J
  • Black Label Japanese: 004 / US01904J


  • 001 and 002 are compatible with each other.
  • 003, 004, 501 and 502 are all compatible with each other

Connecting to a host with an incompatible title update will cause you to automatically return to the home screen.

We highly recommend installing the Title Update for your version, or you will experience issues.


  • You may wish to enable "Include Oversized" in Options->Xbox Live Options->Quick Match Options, to make sure you see all available rooms.


We currently cannot show matches for this game. Please check back later


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