World Championship Snooker 2004

Description from MobyGames

This edition of Codemasters' official licensed snooker game includes over 30 snooker champions and 10 official tournaments.

The LG Tour is the campaign of the game in which you can make your own player and play against the best of the world to win the championship. To make it easy for beginners and as realistic as possible for those who want it, you can change how much help the program gives you while you play (i.e. a aim-meter). Also included is a tutorial which teaches you everything from the rules to the right angle for a shot. It is possible to make a free game where you get feedback for every shot you make.

Besides the campaign you can also play 8-Ball & US-9-Ball Pool, trick-snooker, five bonus game-modes (e.g. Against the clock - play a frame with the clock ticking and only a limited amount of time for each shot) and the Classic Match mode, which allows you to play famous games from the history of snooker.

LAN or online gameplay against up to 16 players is included as well. The names of the best players appear in the hall of fame on the official website.


Host Game Type Frames Players
No public matches to show


Rank Name Rating
1 pumu42 5500
2 Cyke12 5500
3 Lemon 5000
4 NACHO 5000
5 ItzGabrix 5000
6 YoungDolphin 5000
7 Billy 5000
8 RockerJarvis 5000
9 Clarence 5000
10 Halo 5000
11 Poop 5000
12 ChickenNugget 5000
13 Hejda 5000
14 CarnateOG 5000
15 Foclabroc 5000
16 the SEGA shop 5000
17 Wiggo 5000
18 Ruvi 5000
19 Deleted User 5000
20 Cheesypickle420 5000
21 EL GADIR 5000
22 SNKXIII 5000
23 Adix23310 5000
24 GreenAliens 5000
25 Andihero 5000
26 O1hazzard 5000
27 pumu43 4500
28 Demon27248 4500
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