Steel Battalion: Line of Contact

Description from MobyGames

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact is the sequel to Capcom's 2002 giant mech game Steel Battalion. Where the original game was an offline single-player campaign only, this game conversely offers only an online multiplayer mode with no single-player experience.

The original Steel Battalion game came with a unique and expensive controller sporting 40 buttons, 2 joysticks, three foot-pedals, and a gear-shift. In the US, Line of Contact does not come bundled with the controller so purchase of the original game is required for play. In Europe, you can either buy the game or a bundle that includes both the controller and the first game. In Japan, you can buy the game or a bundle with the controller included.

Online play is provided by Xbox Live and features four online modes: campaign, battle royale, capture the container, and conquest. Campaign mode (the primary mode for obtaining new mechs) divides combatants into one of four factions: Pacific Rim Forces, Hai Shi Dao, Right Brothers, and Jaralaccs Mercenary.


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